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Air India Express Baggage Allowance and Charges Explained

Air India Express operates dozens of flights out the the UAE every week and is one of the cheapest options if you’re flying to India. Read to on to find out everything you need to know about the low-cost airline’s cabin baggage and hand luggage allowances, plus tips to watch out for...


How many bags can I check in on Air India Express?

Unlike lots of European budget airlines (such as Ryanair or easyJet), Air India Express does give you a free baggage allowance. It’s quite a generous one but can be complicated to work out as it depends on the type of fare you book and the route you’re taking. These are the two main types of Air India Express fares:

Express VALUE ticket – Free Baggage Allowance of either 25kg, 30kg or 35kg depending on what ticket you buy

Express FLEXI ticket – Free Baggage Allowance of either 25kg, 30kg or 35kg depending on what ticket you buy

You’re allowed to check in as many bags as you like as long as the total weight is within these Free Baggage Allowance limits.


Air India Express hand baggage allowance: weight, size and fees

Air India Express cabin bag size Air India Express cabin baggage weight allowance Number of bags allowed onboard Cost to check in oversized cabin baggage
Dimensions of hand baggage must not exceed 115cm (56cm x 36cm x 23cm) including handle, pockets and wheels Maximum 7kg One hand luggage bag per passenger, plus an extra laptop bag Free, as long as you do not exceed your free baggage allowance. Excess baggage fees are determined at the time of check in.

Air India Express hold baggage allowance: weight, size and fees

Air India Express hold baggage size Air India Express hold baggage weight allowance Number of hold bags allowed Cost of Air India Express hold baggage
Dimensions of checked baggage must be no more than 158cm (L+H+W) 20kg, 25kg, 30kg or 40kg depending on what ticket you purchase No maximum, as long as the weight does not exceed the free baggage allowance Free, as long as you do not exceed your free baggage allowance. Excess baggage fees are determined at the time of check in.

Does an infant get a baggage allowance?

Yes, with Air India Express all infants get their own 10kg free baggage allowance as part of their ticket. All checked-in bags must be no larger than 158cm in dimension (length + height + width) though, or you’ll be forced to check it in as excess baggage.

Air India Express Baggage Allowance and Charges

An infant gets 10kg of luggage allowance on Air India Express flights

How much hand baggage (unchecked baggage) do I get on Air India Express?

Again, Air India Express has a generous baggage allowance. You’re allowed one bag weighing a maximum of 7kg. If you over pack and your bag is weighed at the check-in desk, you’ll be forced to check it in or empty some of your possessions out.

Air India Express does allow you to check this bag in as part of your normal baggage allowance, hopefully avoiding excess baggage charges. But if it exceeds the combined total, you’ll be charged for it, or choose to leave it behind.

What if my bags are too heavy?

Air India excess baggage fees are a tricky subject. The airline’s terms and conditions state that passengers aren’t entitled to any baggage in excess of their regular free allowance. It adds, however, that excess baggage may be accepted onto the plane at the airline’s discretion but the excess baggage charges would be determined at the time. You could also be charged a handling fee, as well as the excess baggage charges, making it even more costly for you.

Our advice is pack within your limits. However, if you’re going to take the risk, make sure you aren’t relying on any excess baggage to transport your items to wherever you’re flying, as there’s always the chance they won’t make it on the plane.

You might find you are unable to take your excess baggage with you on the plane

How much is excess baggage?

Air India Express doesn’t share its excess baggage fees in advance. However, the airlines says that they’re regularly changed and you will be told the charges at the check-in desk on the day of your flight. Without predetermined fees, you could end up paying a fortune for just a small amount of excess luggage. Pack wisely!

Purchasing excess baggage on Air India Express

Air India Express allows the advance purchase of pre-booked excess baggage in two sizes, 5KG and 10KG. The price varies based on routes and seasonality. Due to payload constraints on some flights, the sale of excess baggage online is on first come first serve basis.

Flying from the Gulf and Southeast Asia to India

If you’re flying to India from the Gulf (for example Saudi Arabia to India) there may be an option to buy a maximum 10kg excess baggage when you book your ticket online. This isn’t available on all flights though so if you need the extra amount, speak to the airline before you fly.

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What’s the child Free Baggage Allowance for Air India Express?

An Air India Express child ticket gets the same amount of baggage as an adult ticket; so if it’s one adult and one child, the total could be up to 70kg depending on the fare you buy.

Can I take a television on Air India Express?

You obviously can’t take a television on the plane but yes, you can check one into the hold – though it will count towards your Free Baggage Allowance. It needs to be boxed and wrapped properly, checked at the gate, and cannot exceed 43 inches.

Can I through check my baggage to another airline up to final destination?

When you fly with Air India Express, you are booking with a point to point carrier. Baggage can be checked in for your Air India Express flight but not for onward travel on another airline if you have a connecting flight. Baggage must be collected at the destination after you arrive. Check in of baggage will be processed for codeshare flights operated by Air India Express in collaboration with other airlines.

Air India Express Flights from Dubai

If you are traveling with bulkier items of luggage, a fee of AED45 will be charged at the Dubai Airport for all Out of Gauge (OOG) baggage.

Non-Conveyable Baggage Items for Air India Express flights include:

  • Baggage that does not meet the minimum dimension i.e. 30cm x 30cms x 7.5cm
  • Luggage that exceeds 75cm in any one of the sides or baggage with sum of linear dimensions exceeding 158cms (L + B + H).
  • Bags meeting the dimensional requirements but weighing less than 2 KG.
  • Baggage that is fragile, do not have at least one flat surface or that can damage or slow down the baggage system.
  • Cases / Backpacks / Sports bags that have loose straps or handles that cannot be removed, secured or stowed.
  • Damaged baggage items or baggage items presented as bundles secured by rope.
  • Golf bags.

*Information updated January 2019, obtained from Air India Express. Please always check the latest guidance at their site before booking a trip.

It’s sale time – the best Air India Express luggage hack!

Keep an eye out for special luggage deals with Air India Express. In the past the airline has been known to up its luggage allowance to as much as 30kg for a specific period and on specific routes, regardless of the type of ticket you’ve bought. Very generous for a budget airline – so definitely worth keeping your eyes open for!

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