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Air India domestic and international baggage allowance explained

What is the Air India baggage allowance and how can you avoid any last-minute carry on baggage charges? Make the most out of your trip to India with these handy tips. Here's everything you need to know, including ways to make the most of your allowance.

Article first published April 2017. Prices, dimensions and information correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change and/or availability. Always check with the airline before flying.


Air India hand baggage allowance: size, weight and fees

Air India cabin bag size Air India hand baggage weight allowance Number of bags allowed onboard Cost to check in oversized hand baggage
Maximum 115cm (L+W+H) on Boeing and Airbus. Maximum 110cm (L+W+H) on ATR. Maximum 8kg One hand baggage bag per passenger, plus a laptop bag/handbag Free, as long as it falls within your free baggage allowance

Air India hold baggage allowance: size, weight and fees

Air India hold baggage size Air India hold baggage weight allowance Number of hold bags allowed Cost of Air India extra hold baggage
Maximum 204cm (L+W+H) Depends on the route and fare, but no single piece should weigh more than 32kg Unlimited Excess baggage fees vary depending on the departure airport but are 20% cheaper if bought online in advance

Air India baggage allowance FAQs

What’s the checked baggage allowance on Air India domestic flights?

Air India has a very generous domestic baggage allowance. In Economy you’re entitled to 25kg baggage, 35kg in Business and 40kg in First. If you’re traveling with an infant, you’re entitled to an additional 10kg.

How much baggage can I take from the UAE to India?

Again, Air India is generous with its baggage allowance on international flights as well as domestic. On flights from Abu Dhabi or Dubai to India, you’re entitled to 30kg of luggage in Economy and 40kg in Business.

Air India has a generous baggage allowance

Can I buy extra weight?

Yes! If you buy excess baggage in advance you’ll save 20% on the excess baggage fees at the airport. The cost and amount you can buy depends on where you’re traveling to and from though so always check with the airline. Here are some examples:

  • Dubai to Chennai: Dh240 for 10kg – 15kg, Dh480 for 15kg – 20kg
  • Abu Dhabi to Mumbai: Dh280 for 10kg – 15kg, Dh560 for 15kg – 20kg
  • Goa to Dubai: INR4,809 (Dh276) for 10kg – 15kg, INR5,129.60 (Dh295) for 15 Kg – 20 Kg

Note: you’re only allowed to buy an extra 20kg at the airport at the time you fly, anything over that will be charged as excess baggage.

How to maximize Air India’s baggage allowance

Be realistic

By being a smart packer you can save a small fortune in excess baggage fees. Buying your extra weight before you travel if you think you’re going to go over your allowance is also an easy way to keep costs down. Air India lets you buy pre-paid baggage online for 20% less than you would have to pay at the airport. As a general rule, you’re usually likely to come back with more than you went with, so if you’ve reached your allowance on your outward flight, consider buying more luggage for the return journey.

Upgrade to Business

While the Air India baggage allowance in Economy is generous, it’s even more generous in Business. On most flights out of the UAE you’ll get 10kg extra if you upgrade your ticket. Or if you’re flying long-haul to London via Delhi, for example, you’ll get two pieces of 23kg luggage in Economy, and 3 pieces of 23kg luggage in Business. If you get a good deal on a flight you might find that the ticket is cheaper than the extra baggage.

Join the Flying Returns program

Whenever you fly with Air India you’ll be rewarded with points on your Flying Returns account, as well as tier miles. The higher the tier (Silver, Golden and Maharajah) the more perks you get when you fly, including extra baggage. Gold and Maharajah members get an extra 20kg on most weight concept flights. It pays to be a frequent flyer!

Air India has a generous baggage allowance if you want to fly to India

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