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🎥 Guide to Finding the Cheapest Flights on Skyscanner

My second favourite thing to do in my free time is to search for plane tickets. My first favourite thing is to actually be on a holiday. I am a full time student and work part time as well on my travel content for the Designer Esra blog and YouTube. Here are my top tips on finding the best and cheap flights on Skyscanner!

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If you have been following my Instagram then you know that I travel a lot! I have been to 27 countries; 5 of them were this year. Most people would consider this amount of travelling a lot! It is all possible through prior planning and research even though I don’t usually plan more than three months ahead! So what is the easiest way to find cheap flights?

Check out the video for my tips on finding your perfect flight:

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1.Choose a less popular destination on “Everywhere Search”

Plane tickets seem to be priced on popularity and school holidays. If you choose to travel to somewhere that is not on every traveller’s wish list and out of school holidays then by default you are saving in most cases!

Want to save money by escaping public and school holidays? Here are the cheapest places to fly every month of the year?

Our world is full of beautiful cities and countries; unfortunately not all of them are popular or known. My travel bucket list has increased significantly the more I travel! It always seems to increase. Now when I get asked about my travel wish list I just say the world.

2. Personalised flight routes via the “Multi City Search”

You will be surprised by how much you can save by “personalising” your travel route and choosing two or four one way tickets on the multi city search. This feature also helps you explore the country that you are visiting in a much better way. For example, when I went to Croatia and Bosnia, I flew from London to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, which is a quarter of the price to Dubrovnik, the very popular Croatian city. Then I carried on by bus to Sarajevo. From there, I got my plane back to London. I even managed to stop at Oslo for a day on the way back! So, don’t be afraid of the multiple one-way tickets because they can end up giving you the best trips!

3. Last chance deals on the “Weekend Feature”

Weekends are usually the most expensive time to fly unless you get it as part of a deal! The weekend feature on Skyscanner shows you some of the current and upcoming deals that are happening from an airport near you! This is also the best way to treat a friend or a partner. Experiences are the best possible kind of presents!

4. Keep on checking the flights via “Price Alert”

Sometimes you want a specific destination in a specific time and that is usually when you end up spending the most amount of money. Thankfully, the price alert feature exists on Skyscanner to alert you when the right price is available, so you can book affordable tickets. This feature needs a little patience, but it can be worth it when you save a couple of hundred notes.

Hope these four tips are helpful for you when you are next looking for plane tickets. I would suggest you try them for fun too. I am kind of addicted to looking at the map on Skyscanner.

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