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Best time to book Christmas flights from the UAE

Want to know when you can get the best deal on plane tickets for your Christmas holidays? Well, we’ve crunched all our numbers to identify when you'll get the best deal on a Christmas flight, whether you’re looking for a Christmas beach trip, heading home or wanting some Christmas snow.

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When is the best time to book plane tickets at Christmas to make sure you get a good deal on flights?

It really depends on where you want to go. We’ve looked at our flight’s booking data from the last year to identify when you should book your tickets if you want to get the best deal at Christmas time.

Here we’ll show you a few favorite Christmas vacation destinations, and tell you exactly when you need to book your tickets:

United Kingdom

Our data shows that the best time to book a ticket to the UK is 9 weeks in advance, with savings of 10% on the average ticket price!  Last year only 4% of people booking in the last quarter of the year made this saving, so take a look at tickets nearer the end of October to bag yourself a great deal.


Our number crunching tells us that prices for tickets from the UAE to India stay relatively stable in the last few months of the year, but the biggest saving can be made 15 weeks in advance (an impressive 15% saving on average) so if you want a bargain, don’t delay!


Enjoy a picture-perfect paradise vacation with a very appealing price tag by booking your Christmas flights to the Philippines 13 weeks in advance to make savings of around 13% on the average ticket price. Book before November to make the best savings. 


Like the Philippines, the optimum time to book tickets from now for Christmas in Egypt is 13 weeks in advance. You’ll make a huge saving of 29% on the average ticket price. Prices creep up steadily from October to November and, if possible, avoid booking in December where prices are over 20% more expensive. 

United States

Fancy spending Christmas in the USA? We recommend waiting until October before booking to get more bang for your buck. Ticket prices 10 weeks in advance are around 15% cheaper than average, but don’t leave it too late or you’ll see the cost creep up. 


Thanks to its lovely climate, Thailand is another popular place to spend Christmas. Our data shows us the best time to book a ticket to Thailand from the UAE is 9 weeks in advance, after which the ticket prices start to creep up. Avoid last-minute bookings in December which can see ticket prices increase almost a quarter. 


As with India, ticket prices to Pakistan in the last few months of the year tend to stay relatively steady, but aim to book around 12 weeks in advance to get the best value for money with savings of 26% on the average ticket price (a deal that less than 1% of travelers took advantage of in 2017). Our data also indicates that you’re not likely to bag yourself a great last-minute deal, with December ticket costs over 20% more expensive. 


Want to get the best deal on flights to Lebanon for Christmas? Book 15 weeks in advance and save almost a third (29%) on the average ticket price. From then, the cost creeps up until December when it drops a little and you might be able to secure a last-minute good deal.

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Best time to book and save: popular destinations for UAE

Check out this data that shows more destinations to help you get organized for your 2018 vacations!

Best time to book and save: Popular destinations for UAE
Destination                         Best time to book, Savings Cheapest Flights
Egypt 13 weeks in advance, save 29% Search Flights to Egypt
India 15 weeks in advance, save 15% Search Flights to India
Lebanon 15 weeks in advance, save 29% Search Flights to Lebanon
Pakistan 12 weeks in advance, save 26% Search Flights to Pakistan
Philippines 13 weeks in advance, save 13% Search Flights to Philippines
Thailand 9 weeks in advance, save 16% Search Flights to Thailand
UK 9 weeks in advance, save 10% Search Flights to UK
US 10 weeks in advance, save 15% Search Flights to US

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How did we crunch our numbers?

We’ve used 2017 UAE traveler data to identify, on average, when the best times are to bag a bargain. The original data is based on people exiting the UAE on a particular flight route, and looks at the ticket price and how many days or weeks before the departure they booked the ticket.

Best time to book Christmas flights: number crunching

*Published September 2018. Information correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change and/or availability.

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