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How to find great deals and cheap flights to Manila

If you want to find super cheap flights to Manila, then look no further. Here we share all our tips and tricks (including some number-crunched data) to help you find the best deals.

1. Be flexible with your dates AND your departure point

Using Skyscanner’s ‘Cheapest month’ selection when you’re looking for a cheap flight to Manila will allow us to show you the cheapest flights over an entire year. So if you can be flexible with the dates you travel, chances are you’ll get a steal – a very cheap flight. We can also show you different flight deals from a variety of departure points within the UAE, giving you even more flexibility and price options.

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2. Don’t limit yourself to airlines

One of the main benefits of Skyscanner (if we do say so ourselves!) is that we not only search through all the deals of individual airlines but we compare prices of Online Travel Agencies which sometimes have even cheaper tickets available. This means that as well as searching all the offers on the likes of Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Cebu Pacific, we also search dozens of OTAs to see if they have an even cheaper flight available.

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3. Use our insider information

There’s a sort of science behind finding the best cheap flights, and Skyscanner is happy to share the secrets! We’ve examined two year’s worth of Skyscanner booking data and flight deals for travelers in the UAE to see when, on average, it’s the best time to book your ticket. We’ve looked at lots of popular destinations from the UAE – including the Philippines – and feel confident that our data will help you get the cheapest flight available to your chosen vacation destination. So, to get the best and cheapest flights to Manila we recommend booking 14 weeks in advance because you’ll save around 4.2% on the airline’s ticket price.

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To see the rest of our insider information, read our full list of the ‘Best Time to Book’ number crunching here.

Use our Best Time to Book data to get the best cheap flights

4. Sign up for Price Alerts

If you’re tempted by a flight but you’re not ready to commit, sign up for the Skyscanner Price Alert feature. Once you’ve looked for your flight, you’ll see a ‘Get Price Alerts’ button in the top left. Click it and enter your email address when prompted. This means we can send you an email when the price of the flight ticket goes up or down. So, if there’s a sudden drop in a cheap ticket to Manila, you’ll know about it! It also means you’ll be able to see if the cost looks like it’s going up.

5. Sign up for Weekly Airline Deals

If you subscribe to the Weekly Airline Deals we’ll send you an email with information on some of the best deals available that particular week. It could mean scoring a flight to London for a few hundred dirhams, or an unmissable deal to Manila (if you’re lucky!). Sign up for the emails in your Skyscanner profile if you don’t want to miss out on the deals.

6. Look for other newsletters

If you want to be doubly sure you don’t miss out on cheap flights to Manila, or anywhere else for that matter, sign up for newsletters from the airlines directly. They often send out alerts when there’s a flash sale or a chance to upgrade a flight for cheap.

Sign up for newsletters direct from airlines

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*Published August 2017. Prices correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change and/or availability.