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Top 15 places to visit in summer to escape the heat

Summer months in the UAE can be tough, with temperatures hitting 40 degrees Celsius. If you want to escape the heatbut still enjoy a ‘summer vacation’, read on to see our top tips on where you should go:

1. Budapest, Hungary

Average summer temperature: Around 16-26 degrees Celsius (61-79 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: Almost everything there is to see and do in Budapest is best done in the sunshine! Explore the city’s fairy tale castles and churches in the warmth, or enjoy fresh produce at food markets, or simply grab a coffee at a coffee house and watch the world go by. Read more about the best of Budapest here.

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Szechenyi, Budapest

2. Lisbon, Portugal

Average summer temperature: Around 18-28 degrees Celsius (65 – 74 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: It’s warm in Lisbon in summer but not too warm, so you’ll still be able to walk up and down the city’s gorgeous hilly streets admiring the old architecture, castles and churches. While temperatures are high, you’ll still feel like you’re escaping the real heat from UAE.

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Lisbon, Portugal

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Average summer temperature: Around 18-25 degrees Celsius (65-78 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: June through August in Rio de Janeiro is classed as winter, but it’s still nice and hot. Take advantage of the pleasant climate and visit Copacabana Beach, the Christ the Redeemer statue and the stunning Parque Nacional da Tijuca.

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Rio de Janeiro

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Average summer temperature: Around 13-21 degrees Celsius (55-70 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: The temperatures in Amsterdam in the summer are perfect for strolling the cobbled streets, enjoying picnics in its multiple public parks, or hiring a bike and heading out into the countryside. Click here for inspiration on planning the perfect Amsterdam vacation.

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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

5. Saint Moritz, Switzerland

Average summer temperature: Around 10-20 degrees Celsius (50-68 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: If you love the Swiss countryside but are not so keen on the snow and cold, summer is a great time to escape the heat and visit Saint Moritz. There’s castles, lakes, quaint little villages and festivals-galore.

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Image by Lyndell Daniel

6.Prague, Czech Republic

Average summer temperature: Around 13-23 degrees Celsius (55-73 degrees Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: Prague is one of Europe’s most cultural cities but not yet one of its busiest – a perfect combination! Top sights include the Church of Our Lady before Týn and Astronomical clock, Charles Bridge and the beautiful St Vitrus Cathedral, to name a few.

Read more: Top attractions and things to do in Prague

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7. Amman, Jordan

Average summer temperature: Average 19-25 degrees Celsius (66-88 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: If you can handle a dry heat and don’t want to travel too far, consider flying to Amman in Jordan. It has a wonderful Roman history, delicious local delicacies, a buzzing contemporary art scene and lots of funky shops. Perfect for a long weekend.

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8. London, UK

Average summer temperature: Around 14-22 degrees Celsius (57-72 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: It might not be the warmest of summer vacation destinations, but it’s as warm as London is ever likely to be! Enjoy its spectacular parks, shopping streets and summer activities without (much) fear of needing an umbrella.

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Best places to go to escape the humidity: London, UK

9. Sydney, Australia

Average summer temperature: Around 8-17 degrees Celsius (46-63 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: While the months of June, July and August are officially winter in Sydney, it’s not a bad time at all to visit. Pack layers and a light rain coat and you’ll be all set to enjoy the city’s restaurants, galleries and parks. There’s also a number of winter events such as Vivid Sydney (ends on June 15 so falls outside of school summer vacations, FYI) and the Australian Museum night talks.

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Sydney, Australia

10. Kathmandu, Nepal

Average summer temperature: Around 18-27 degrees Celsius (64-80 degrees Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: It is monsoon season in Kathmandu in summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good vacation spot. Lots of the best things to see and do within Kathmandu itself are good to do whatever the weather. Check them out here.

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11. Marrakech, Morocco

Average summer temperature: Around 21-38 degrees Celsius (70-101 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: Marrakech is a good place to go to if you still want high temperatures. You can either do very little at a local riad or explore the city’s souqs, mosques and museums.

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Marrakech, Morocco

12. Italy

Average summer temperature: Around 20 – 30 degrees Celsius (68 – 86 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: Take your pick of places to visit in Italy in summer; almost everywhere has warm weather and plenty to see and do. Head to Milan (average summer temperatures in the high 20s) and visit the Duomo Cathedral and the Santa Maria Delle Grazie which are even more stunning than normal in the sunshine. Or head to the rural Tuscany, home to Florence and Pisa, two of the most popular places in the country for fans of architecture, food and culture. For much more inspiration, click here to see our article on the best places to visit in Italy.

Tuscany, Italy

13. Paris, France

Average summer temperature: Around 16- 25 degrees Celsius (60 – 77 degrees Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: The City of Light needs little by way of introduction. Paris has fantastic summer weather which is usually warm but not too humid. The public parks and gardens come alive in Paris in summer with outdoor cinema events, musical festivals and markets. Whether you’re taking the kids on a summer vacation or traveling alone, you won’t be short of things to do.

To inspire you, read our Top 10 attractions and things to do in Paris

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14. Manchester, United Kingdom

Average summer temperature: Around 12 – 20 degrees Celsius (54 – 68 Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: Manchester is one of the best cities to visit in the UK. It is conveniently about halfway between London and Edinburgh, the English and Scottish capitals. As with most British cities, it’s at its best in the summer months. There are lots of festivals and events including the Parklife Festival (June 8 – June 9) and Manchester Carnival (Aug 10 – Aug 11), and Sounds of the City (July 6 – July 13). It’s a fantastic summer vacation for kids, with the likes of the Museum of Science and Industry and Sea Life Center Manchester being winners with kids of all ages. The bonus? According to our Best Time to Book number crunching, summer is a good time to get a deal on flights to Manchester.

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15. Rome, Italy

Average summer temperature: Around 19 – 32 degrees Celsius (66 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit)
Why you should visit: We know we’ve already flagged Italy, but Rome deserves its own spot on this list. Our number crunching shows there are some summer flight deals to Rome, so take advantage! If you’re ok with the temperatures, go eat the world’s best pizzas, gaze at St Peter’s Basilica and enjoy the best fresh produce at the many city’s food markets. The city is lively in summer and the warm weather just means more opportunity to relax with a chilled beverage!

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*Content updated May 2019. Prices correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change and/or availability. All temperature info comes from and are average temperatures for the month July.

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