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Join us on Telegram for Flight Deals

Want the best flight deals straight to your phone? We will message you the best savings via our Telegram bot! Add us as one of your contacts and let us do the work for you! Find us at @SkyscannerDealsbot. Don't have Telegram? No problem! Just click the link for downloading Telegram and adding our bot to your contacts!

How does it work?

Simply go on your Telegram app and search for Skyscanner Deals Bot and add us as a contact. From there, we will send you a weekly message of the best deals.

Flights with savings of more than 20% will be sent straight to your phone! You can use the links in the message to check out the flights and book straight away!

You can quickly look through the flight deals in your messages. Booking is simple! Use the links in the message to see the availability of your flight and other flight options. We will send you direct flight deals departing from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Find us at Skyscanner Deals Bot

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