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Awesome travel hacks to help you get the best from the Skyscanner app

With our Skyscanner travel app for iOS and Android it's even easier for travelers on the go to compare the cheapest flight prices, find hotel deals or get the best car rental option out there.

Whether you’re looking for that next flight home, planning to book a work trip or wanting to research a family holiday, download the Skyscanner app and get planning your travel on the go. To help you, here are some top travel hacks you need to know about the Skyscanner app:

1. Price alerts

The Price Alerts feature is an awesome function if you have a trip in mind but you’re not yet ready to commit. Signing up to a Price Alert on the Skyscanner app means you’ll get an email straight away if there’s a drop in the price of your flight, and you won’t get any nasty surprises if the price suddenly rises. Find out more, including how to sign up, here.

2. We show you all the options

We know that the cheapest price isn’t always the best option – that’s why we show you all the options on the Skyscanner app. So once you’ve chosen a flight, we’ll let you know if there’s an earlier or later flight at the same price as your first choice. This is especially useful if you’re traveling with kids and want to stick to some sort of schedule, or even if you want to avoid an early morning or night flight.

3. Find the best deals by month

If you’re pretty flexible on when you fly and you just want to get the best price, then the month feature is just for you. Find it in the Explore feature of the app, where you can search for the best flights by month. Simply select your departure and destination airports, and hit search. We’ll show you the cheapest flights within a particular month.

4. Finding a flight deal to suit your vacation days

We’re all unique – and our vacation lengths are no different! Using the Explore feature you can search for the cheapest flights according to a length of time – a weekend, 3 to 5 days, or 5 to 7 days. Great if you’re looking for a long weekend and even better if you can be flexible about where you go.

5. The Everywhere feature

If you’re flexible about where you fly, enter “Everywhere” into the destination box on any of the flight search options and we’ll show you the best cheap flights available on the dates you’ve chosen. You can also find this feature in the “Explore” tab in the footer of the app. Use this travel hack to see the best travel deals from UAE right now. 

6. Weekend Getaways for last minute trips away

As a nation we’re very last-minute when it comes to booking our travel. So, the upcoming Best Deals for Weekend Getaways feature is ideal if you’re longing for a last minute quick getaway and need to book it fast. In the Explore section you can select the weekend dates for the next four weekends and we’ll show a selection of the cheapest flight details for those particular dates. A great option for the UAE public holidays that often get announced last minute and you need to act fast to get booked up.

7. Find your perfect 4-wheeled match

Searching for the perfect rental option isn’t always the easiest. So that’s why we’ve added plenty of filters to our car rental app search to make narrowing down the best options as quick as possible. Size of vehicle, fuel policy (full to full or same to same), type of insurance, transmission and booking site are just a few of the options.

8. User Reviews

Don’t forget to check out other users’ reviews before booking.These ratings take a number of factors into account, including the flight price, number of stops and the flight duration to give you a good overall feel for how right the flight option is for your travel needs.

9. Share a snapshot

Found a cheap flight or hotel deal you want to share? No problem! Click on the share icon and send a snapshot of your screen to a friend via email, WhatsApp, iMessage, and more. You can even draw on the image if you want to highlight or draw attention to a certain part of the deal. Group vacation planning has never been easier!

10. Trip Details feature

At Skyscanner we try to do the hard work for you. With trip details we point out things you might want to know about a flight or journey before you commit and book – for example, the time difference between your departure and destination points, when you should try to sleep if it’s an overnight journey, whether it’s an early morning trip, how much leg room you get on the flight, and more. Simply find this extra detail under the flight choice you’ve chosen before booking!

11. Watch a flight

If you want to do your research before booking, use the Watch This Flight option and make it easy to come back and find it on the app without having to enter your search information all over again.

12. Comparing official hotel prices

With some hotel searches we’re able to show you the “official price” listed on the hotel or hotel chain’s website, allowing you to see the savings you’ll make booking through Skyscanner.

We try to show you the official price of a hotel, helping you make the best saving

13. Filter your hotels

Like with car rental search, the Skyscanner app certainly doesn’t limit you when it comes to filters. When choosing hotels you can filter the results by price, popularity, and star rating, among a whole array of other choices.

14. Managing your Skyscanner account

Managing your account on the Skyscanner apps allows you to set your preferences and personalize your account by setting your preferred language and country settings. You can also set your newsletter preferences which will help us find you the best deals from your nearest airport. Not signed up to the Skyscanner newsletter? Sign up here ↓

15. Linking your smartphone and computer

By logging into the Skyscanner app on your smartphone, it will automatically sync with your main account and allow you to pick up where you left off with searches on your desktop.

By logging into the Skyscanner app you will automatically sync your computer and phone

How do I get the Skyscanner app?

If you’ve not already got the Skyscanner app, then it’s easy-peasy to get your hands on it. Simply head to the iTunes store or Google Play to download for free.

Pssst! Did you know our app is also available in Arabic? Head to your Profile on the app and change your language to Arabic. As simple as that!

*Updated May 2019. Any prices included correct at the time of publication but may be subject to change and/or availability.

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