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Tips and Inspiration Tips for keeping your children happy on a flight

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Tips for keeping your children happy on a flight

Planned to travel on a long-haul flight with the kids? Worried about not being able to take your iPad onboard to entertain the little ones? Don't panic! We have spoken to experts on the matter and have some tips for you! Let's hear tips from Arabian Notes and The Son and The Moon.

Tips from Arabian Notes

1- Take night flights

Night flight

If your child is a good sleeper it’s always a good idea to opt for night flights where possible. Not only does it make the best use of time by avoiding wasting precious days on travelling, but with the added bonus of night flights usually arriving at your destination in the morning it means everyone is already well placed to get on the new time zone faster. Spend the first day acclimatising, relaxing and organising any kids necessities you need to purchase locally, then after a good night’s sleep you’ll wake up the next day raring to go!

2- Mess free play


Miniature lightweight magna doodle type toys are easily and cheaply available in shops like Daiso – these are great for mess free scribbling and drawing! Melissa & Doug ‘On The Go Water Wow’ books are another great travel favourite – just fill the ‘pen’ with water onboard and use to the reveal the coloured images, then let them dry and start all over!

Tips from The Son and The Moon

1- Surprise With New Toys

Surprise With New Toys

Now “new toys” doesn’t need to mean anything special or fancy. Kids tend to be delighted by all surprise toys – big or small. One thing that I have found really beneficial for entertaining my son is to pack a few boxes of new small toy cars for him to open and play with. It’s good to unveil them gradually too, rather than give them all at once. This way, when they’re tiring of one, you can simply whip out another for them to pine over for a while. Magic!

2- Alternate Your Activities

Nap time

This is especially important on long-haul flights where the monotony of it can get the better of kids and adults alike. I try to divide activities into 30 minute slots (or an hour if I’m lucky and my son is really engaged). Things like snack time, playtime with old and new toys, a walk up and down the plane (including a toilet visit), maybe a bit of in-flight entertainment (if available), story time, mealtime, more toy playtime, and hopefully a bit of naptime too! The key is to alternate activities to keep them out of mischief, and to keep you sane too!

Tips from Skyscanner Staff

1- Keep them comfy

Comfortable clothes

A comfortably dressed child is a happy child. Pyjamas can be your best option so that they can snuggle up to their favourite travel pillow and dream whilst you are one step closer to your holiday destination.

2- Take care of yourself out there


While trying to keep your child entertained at all times, don’t forget about your own wellbeing and comfort too! Rest when you can and make sure to get to the airport early to avoid any stress.

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