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How to find cheap flights across a whole month

Want to get super cheap flights? If you can be flexible about when you fly, the Skyscannerwhole month’ search tool will find you the cheapest day to travel to whatever destination you’ve chosen. Read on to see how you can find and book the best flight tickets possible.


How to see prices across a full month

If you’re flexible on when you fly, use Skyscanner’s ‘whole month’ search tool to find the cheapest day to travel to your chosen destination. This useful search tool allows travelers to see the widest range of deals available. You can also compare prices across different days of departure to make sure you are choosing the right deal. Research flights before you book your next trip by using the Skyscanner whole month search tool. 

To begin your travel search and see the latest deals, download the Skyscanner app or visit the Skyscanner website. Follow some simple steps and get started. 

  1. Choose your departure and destination by entering either the city or airport you wish to fly from and arrive in. This will select the route you will fly and your search results will show all deals available. 
  2. Usually at this stage, you would select the day you wish to depart and the day you would like to arrive to start your vacation. Instead of doing this, select whole month instead of specific date. You can see from the image below how to select a whole month on the Skyscanner website. 
  1. At this stage, if price is your primary concern and you can be fully flexible on when you fly, you can choose to search for the cheapest month to see the best flight deals available. This might be useful to get a sesne of the range of prices available for comparison.
  2. If you click search in the app you will then be presented with all the prices available to complete your journey, but in a different format. You can look at the calendar to see different colours – green, amber and red – which correspond to different pricing levels. When you see a series of days within a month marked with green, these will be the cheapest days to fly. 

On the next screen, when searching for whole month prices on the website, you will see cheap flight tickets and available flights across the whole month.

Cheap Flight Tickets

You can also see the full month’s prices in a chart, by clicking the ‘Chart’ tab.


Finding the cheapest month

  1. Choose your departure and destination city or airport, (or if you want to see all the flight options from your departure city/airport, click ‘everywhere’ in the destination box)

  2. Select ‘Cheapest month

Cheapest Month

Skyscanner automatically defaults to the cheapest month for the flights to your selected destination. If you want to change the month, use the drop down menu.

Another tip for booking a cheap flight:

Be flexible and find the cheapest flights with the Skyscanner ‘Everywhere’ search

Skyscanner’s Everywhere search allows you to search for multiple destinations from your chosen departure city/airport, so you can find the cheapest deal available.

Skyscanner is the world’s travel search engine, helping your money go further on flights, hotels and car rental.