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12 top apps every Muslim traveler should have

Halal restaurant guides, offline maps and currency converter apps are now a must for a stress-free and fun vacation. Here's our pick of the best 12 travel apps to help your next trip go without a hitch.


Best Travel Apps for Your Next Vacation

Some of the best travel apps to download before your next trip include: 

  • The Skyscanner app is the best travel app for finding cheap flights, hotels and car rentals.  
  • The Have Halal, Will Travel app allows you to check where the nearest halal restaurants are.
  • Use the Muslim Pro app to find out (and set alarms for) the correct prayer times anywhere in the world. 
  • The Qibla Connect has a unique compass feature to help you easily find the correct direction to pray.

1. Skyscanner

It goes without saying the best travel app you can get is the Skyscanner app which puts cheap flights, hotels and car rentals at the tip of your fingers.

The Skyscanner app includes our favorite “Everywhere” search function that allows you to explore the best travel deals right now. There are also plenty of other great functions to help you find the best flights out there. The Skyscanner app is now available in Arabic for iOS and Android too!

Use the Skyscanner app to book cheap flights

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Find Cheap Flights with the Skyscanner App 

2. Have Halal, Will Travel

Download the best travel and food guides by Have Halal, Will Travel to enrich your travel experience and find restaurants in your destination city. Information you can access in the app includes locations of nearby mosques, food places where halal meat is available and restaurants that are Muslim owned. 

Find halal restaurants 

3. XE Currency

It can be hard to make mental calculations when you’re relaxing on vacation and can be a costly mistake to make when haggling! So instead, why not download a currency converter to do the thinking for you. The free XE Currency App is a good one, and available on iOS, Android and Blackberry. You can select your ‘favorite’ currencies from more than 180, as well as track live rates. It will use the last stored rate if you’re offline.

Download a currency app to help you stick to a budget

4. Muslim Pro

This smart travel app can tell you (and set alarms for) the correct prayer times wherever you are in the world, as well as show you the Qibla. It also has audio recordings of passages from the Quran and fasting times during Ramadan.

5. Lonely Planet Guides

The Lonely Planet app offers guides on more than 100 cities and destinations, from New York City to Rio de Janeiro. Get prepared and download the guides to your phone or tablet before you travel so you don’t run up roaming charges while you’re away.

6. PackPoint

Know what to pack for your vacation destination with this useful travel app. Add your destination to  the travel app and imput the length of your stay and it will give you a custom packing list for your baggage. PackPoint will also use weather forecast data to customize a set of items that will be useful during your stay. 

旅行 パッキング

7. Qibla Connect

Qibla Connect mobile application is available for Android and iOS platforms. By using this app, travelers can easily find the direction of Qibla, no matter where they are in the world, using the unique and easy to understand compass. 

Download to help you find your way on vacation

8. Jet Lag Rooster

Flying long haul can always bring on the dreaded jet lag. But help is at hand! Jet Lag Rooster will give you a personalized plan to combat jet lag based on your departure and arrival airports, dates of travel, and normal bedtime and wake-up times. Want more tips on beating jet lag? Check out Skyscanner’s guide on how to beat and get over jet lag.

Help beat the jet lag with Jet Lag Rooster

9. Dubai Airports

If you’re a frequent flyer in or out of Dubai Airport, download the Dubai Airports app which offers flight sharing capabilities, maps, details of shops, restaurants and cafes, and live flight alerts. Handily, it also has updated gate information so you won’t miss your boarding. (Pssst: waiting for a flight at Dubai Airport? Then check out our guide to the best things to do at Dubai Airport while you wait!)

10. Google Translate

You can either type into the Google Translate app or use your phone’s camera for an instant text translation (handy for signposts or menus). You can translate a whopping 52 languages when you’re offline, or 103 languages if you have an internet connection. Arabic is only available in some combinations, so check beforehand.

11. Emirates App

If you’ve booked an Emirates flight we recommend you download the Emirates App, available on Android and iOS. It allows you to manage your flight (select seats, request special meals, etc), download your boarding pass, check in, and manage Emirates Skywards accounts.

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12. Air Arabia

Manage your booking, check-in online, get live flight updates and manage your Airewards program on the Air Arabia travel app for Android and iOS. Downloading your boarding pass to the app means you’ve got one less thing to worry about when you’re heading off on vacation. Flying with Air Arabia? Check out our Air Arabia baggage allowance explained guide.

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